10 Delicious Launch ideas

Caprese Chicken With Walnut Pesto

This cheesy chicken recipe is actually perfect for barbecue season. Prep the walnut pesto while the meat cooks and add the cheese to let it melt just as it’s finishing up.


Wonton Soup 

While making wontons is a labor of love, these pockets of joy and flavor are easy to prep in advance and freeze for later.


Chicken and Wild Rice Mushroom Casserole

This dish would be protein-packed even if it used white rice because of the amount of chicken and cheese in it.


Farro and Salmon Fried Rice

This dish is a great one to throw together when you already have leftover cooked salmon and farro on hand.


Chicken Alfredo Biscuit Pizza

This unique pizza is made with biscuit dough for a flakier-than-normal crust and topped with chicken, cheese, Alfredo sauce, and spinach.


Vegetarian Chili Mac 

Both the cheese and the beans in this chili-mac recipe deliver the protein and plenty of flavor. Not to mention, the whole thing is ready in just 30 minutes.


Sheet Pan Chicken Breast With Potatoes

This recipe does just that with a side of slightly spicy, garlicky greens. It's the perfect staple for a busy weeknight.


Spicy Turkey Burritos

You can prep a bunch and freeze them, so that you always have a delicious burrito ready to heat up and eat.


Slow-Cooked Balsamic Pot Roast

Make a big batch of this stew and freeze your extra, so you always have a nutrient-packed meal to bump up your protein intake.


Spicy Red Lentil Curry

Quick-pickled red onions add some freshness and acidity to balance all the savory and rich flavors at play.