By Abrar Khan

Grilled king oyster mushrooms

These mushrooms have a nice chewy bite. They are great on salads as well. Total Time: 15 Minutes. Servings: 2. Course: Lunch, Dinner.

Image Credit:  Unsplash


1 garlic clove 2 tablespoons of olive oil 200 grams of king oyster mushrooms 2 tablespoons of parsley pesto 20 grams of Parmesan 0.25 teaspoons of lemon zest 1 pinch of sea salt, flakes.


Prepare a garlic oil by finely chopping the garlic and mix it with olive oil.


Image Credit:  Moms Food

Cut the mushrooms lengthways in quarters. Brush the mushrooms with garlic oil.


Image Credit:  Unsplash

Place the mushrooms on the grill pan/ grill bottom and grill them at the 200℃ temperature 8 minutes.


Image Credit:  Moms Food

Serve the grilled mushrooms garnished with pesto, cheese flakes, lemon zest and sea salt flakes.


Image Credit:  Moms Food