Poached Eggs in air fryer

By Abrar Khan

Prep Time: 2 minutes. Cook Time: 11 minutes. Total Time: 13 minutes. Servings: 2.  Calories: 105 kcal.

Recipe Info

2 eggs, medium size, 20 grams of goat cheese, soft, 2 grams of thyme, dried.


Crack egg above the muffin cup. Optionally top with cheese or herbs.

Step 1

Carefully place the muffin cup into the basket of the Airfryer and start at the 170°C 11 minute.

Step 2

Confirm if the egg is fully done or cook a few minutes longer. You can also leave the eggs in the Airfryer and use the residual heat until they are ready to serve.

Step 3

The time always depends a bit on the size and temperature of the eggs. Our eggs were done with the yolks still soft with the setting in this recipe.